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Hi I'm Jon, a musician and all round creative being hailing from sunny Manchester in the UK. I love anything and everything that shows artisitc creativty; film, photography, art and graphics, games, but my passion lies in music and sound.

Music, like many artforms, has the ability to evoke emotion and when combined with other media, can produce works of creative excellence. Thought of my creations being able to do the same is my aspiration in life!

I want to work with you to create beautiful compositions and sprawling soundscapes, to help you bring your tales, worlds and stories to life!


Sound good? Let's see what I can do for you...


I started my musical journey in 2009 when I got my first guitar. I fell in love with the instrument instantly and we've been a hot couple ever since. After dipping my toes into musical education whilst in school I decided to jump in head first and began studying Performance In Music (BTEC) at The Manchester College. This is where I dabbled with playing Bass and from then on my interest in instrumentation sky rocketed. The possibilites seemed endless!

My creative outlet at the time was in a 4-piece indie band, Blue Kassette, where due to a change in line up, I took up the mantle of 'frontman'. We recorded with a production company called Sugarhouse music, recording two EPs and a single, but I discovered that despite the enjoyment, live music performance wasn't where my heart truly lay...



After Blue Kassette parted ways in 2016, I decided to delve into the realm of Music Production, my interest piqued by the roles played by the team at Sugarhouse Music. I began studying Music Production (BA, Hons) at Futureworks, an excellent creative, Manchester-based University with courses in Audio, Film and Game Design. The use of their top, professional studios allowed me to really explore music and audio in ways I had never done before, it opened my eyes to the scope of creative works that could be produced and taught me a significant amount about production, audio manipulation and sound design. It was in my third year, when, after recieving high marks on a composition and sound design module, I knew that those worlds were where I wanted to be. If someone would want to pay me to do that, even better!


During my time at Futureworks, I explored video production in my spare time, gaining an internship with the creative team at Scruff of the Neck records, earning myself a credit on a music video whilst also producing a handful of video based projects myself.

Music, combined with video, motion picture or games can result in powerful, incredible and moving works of creative genius. And upon graduating from Futureworks in 2019 with a 1st Class BA Honours degree in Music Production, I knew that it was something that I not only wanted to be involved in, but also something that I could be a part of.

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