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Hi I'm Jon, a musician and all round creative being hailing from sunny Manchester in the UK. I love anything and everything that shows artisitc creativty; film, photography, art and graphics, games, but my passion lies in music and sound.

Music, like many artforms, has the ability to evoke emotion and when combined with other media, can produce works of creative excellence. The thought of my creations being able to do the same is my aspiration in life!

I want to work with you to create beautiful compositions and sprawling soundscapes, to help you bring your tales, worlds and stories to life!


Sound good? Let's see get to work...


Music has been a big part of my life ever since 2009 when I picked up my first guitar. We fell in love immediately and I knew from that point that I wanted to find career in Music. My education began in the form of a Performing Music BTEC course and my career started by performing as the frontman and guitarist for the band Blue Kassette, an Indie 4-piece. We parted ways in 2016, but I hadn't parted with my enthusiasm. The recording process and working in studios piqued my interest which led me onto a Music Production BA (Hons) Degree course at Futureworks, an incredible audio, media and design specialist University. This course allowed me to explore music in ways I never had before and this is where my passion for soundtracks and composition took flight. I finished that course with a 1st Class Honours Degree and a hunger for more, an impetuous desire to write flourishing melodies and beautiful soundscapes.



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