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From sweeping melodies to ambient backdrops, I will work with you to create the musical landscape for any project you can imagine. Soundtracks for games and film, motifs for characters, environments or settings, music for advertisements, trailers or promotional content. Whatever the medium, I will tailor the music to bring out the best in your project, producing a unique and iconic product.

If you haven't already, check out my previous work and get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Let's make something beautiful together!



Sound FX is the backbone of any motion media be it games, film & TV, apps, they all require sound to help create that truly immersive experience. From weather to weapons and everything inbetween, sound FX will ensure your creative visual projects reach the next level and I want to be the one to allow you to achieve it!

Utilising foley, synth design, ambient audio, field recording, audio implementation and more, I will work tirelessly to create the audioscape you want and that your project deserves. Contact me now to discuss what I can do for you.

Let's make some noise!

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